View Full Version : Powergons broke?

04-11-2005, 05:53 PM
Hi. Trying to do a Powergon trick to add wheels to a car. No matter what commands I type into the Add Powergon dialog in Modeler, when I get to Layout and hit Do Powergons, I get Luxigons added to the designated Powergons instead of wheels. It looks like Layout is executing the default command from Add Powergons instead of what I typed (and re-typed at least 15 times). Actually, I copied it from this tutorial:


Is this a bug in 8.2 or what? Anybody else have this problem?

By the way, the LW manual describes a command in Layout: Items>CVT Powergons but no such command exists. Only Do Powergons.


ps -- Mac OSX 10.3.8 and LW 8.2