View Full Version : Information Overlay on F9?

Marco Solorio
04-08-2005, 07:15 PM
Hi everyone,

Doas anyone know of a way or a plugin that will allow the finished F9 render to have an overlayed render time? It would also be cool to have other optional information overlayed as well, like AA passes/type, ray tracing on/off, etc. The ability to have an opacity setting and placement for the overlayed text would be way cool too. It would seem this would be an Image Processing, Image Filter plugin. I searched the forums and did a Google search but nothing came up. It would just be nice to have this information overlayed to the final render so as to help optimize the render time process itself when you're ready for final render. Last week we rendered over 5700 frames @ 24p for one animaton sequence alone and it would have helped a lot! Writing the info down is soooooo old-school! ;)