View Full Version : LW to MAYA: FBX File Weight Map Transfer Failure

04-08-2005, 12:57 AM
Hello All,
I thought General Support might be the place to ask, but then it`s not really a Lightwave problem, so I`m asking here, where there is some likelihood of finding sympathetic people with experience of the FBX plugin. I tried asking over on Alias`s FBX discussion thread, but it`s a ghost town there!

Initial trials of the FBX plugin show it failing to transfer the weight maps of the original Lightwave object to the MAYA object. Is this normal functionality, am I not checking the right check boxes, or what? Applying 100% weights to each map in the object, setting `wt maps only` and exporting to MAYA through FBX gives me graduated weighting in MAYA, not the 100% only weighting I created in LW.

Any constructive suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.