View Full Version : Problems with LW8.2.1

04-06-2005, 06:55 PM
- Symmetry selection doesnt work in UV window. Drag tool doesnt want to drag symmetrical UV points.
- When working with Subpatch UVs in UV texture window and trying to select subpatches, it looks like Modeler selects them by invisible cages, instead of visible subpatches.
- Replace image in Image editor still messes up surfaces in Surface Editor. It was told that this bug was gone away in LW8.2, but no, its still here... Newtek, you must test LW before reporting of bugfixes.
- "GE_SetEnvID" works a little strange. It selects ALL added curves at once, which is wrong (we have " GE_SelectAllCurves" command, isnt it?), and it causes a big problem, when adding many curves at once. Just sit down, relax and watch the slideshow of "add-and-show-and-select-and-next". It takes up to 10-15 seconds just to add all nesessary curves to Graph Editor! It would be nice to add them without redrawing Graph Editor after every curve and select only last added curve (this is first time when multiselect ability works against me... and kills me...).