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04-04-2005, 05:23 PM
I had a chance to see Tricaster for the first time today because I didn't want to do a demo for the user group without having at least seen it. First let me say way to go Newtek, nice work. It is very easy to get around in and the keyboard short cuts for VT work in Tricasterl. Nice little box. Now for the other shoe. Many of the same things that make VT4 crash will crash Tricaster. As a live switcher this makes me nervous. CGPost will crash it. That's bad since it is THE CG program. I noticed that the editor looks, acts and save projects the same as VT4. In fact if you want to crash the nice little box try this. Save an edited project as an AVI project. Now try to load this AVI into the VCR. I know, don't do that. I also know that this is not for the "Video Professional" meaning less of a tolerance for this behavior.

As it stands I would guess that it is a cleverly skinned VT4 in a Shuttle with inputs on the front. Over all it is a very promising little box but I think it needs some work to keep the user from hurting him or herself.


04-05-2005, 07:53 AM
Hmmm. I only saw it in action, and was not able to experiment.

You do bring up a good point. If this is for "point and shoot", then crashing is a no-no. I understand that it's a reduced version of the VT, but thought newtek would leave out features that were prone to crash and/or rewrite those programs with a limited feature set in order to minimize the issues with crashing.

Still, the software is in beta, and if newtek resolves those issues, then it looks like they will have fixed some things for the VT as well?

Second, I would like to get one for my needs in lieu of recording the many hours long PPT events I encounter. The final output for those events is a web stream wmv, so basic quality and features are acceptable.

Third, I'm leary of using it as a switcher, but rather a live recorder while the presentor uses his/her laptop as usual. This will save me countless hours in the edit suite banging out finished files for posting, when I can have one ready to go right after the meeting concludes.

It's different for other folks, but that's the advantage I see in it for my needs right now. I have another meeting pending in a few weeks, and my vendor will either rent or loan me his for the ultimate test.

If it doesn't work as intended, then I'll see what can be done to make my current VT more portable -as lugging a fully loaded Dell 650 workstation is not the best solution (and that's small compared some of the towers I've seen used elsewhere).


04-05-2005, 09:00 AM
... In fact if you want to crash the nice little box try this. Save an edited project as an AVI project. Now try to load this AVI into the VCR.

In the current build the AVI project saving feature has been removed as it performed no useful function in the TriCaster paradigm. The editor can now only save as a VTP file or render a DV format AVI.

04-05-2005, 11:53 AM
That's good to know. If this is for non-video people it really needs to be idiot proof. Just when you think you have that, along comes a more clever idiot. (that's me over in the corner waving) ;)

I think this is a great little box but I hope that fixing the issues in this does not take time away from VT development. VT still needs some work and at this point no one can really say that the problems are becsause it is so new, we are up to version 4.xx, let's go here.


John Perkins
04-08-2005, 09:04 PM
IMHO, TriCaster is about as rock solid stability wise as anything I've ever seen. We've been hammering ours and haven't crashed it in the last two weeks. (quite a few builds ago)

For a while the bug reports were crazy, but they've fixed everything I've personally turned in. Yes, I beat the hell out of the CG...

Seems like all that is left are cosmetic tweaks, more content and very minor functionality adjustments.

The good thing is that (again, IMHO) 99% of the bug fixes are in pieces shared with VT4.

Kissing up doesn't break NDA does it? :D

04-12-2005, 09:47 AM

I found your post most interesting, but with a fatal flaw in your concern.

So interesting is that I have managed to crash TriCaster in only two ways (but CG Post, as you call it, many times over). And they were the exact same two.

Jeff Cupp, below your post, explained what happened to correct the first, and that is good to hear.

As for Character Generator, I found it refusing to even show what I typed in. Any attempt to move the cursor left in any way to try and correct what it did display would result in a freeze or crash. I was about to vent to NewTek, when upon my next cold boot, everything was normal again. It displayed everything I keyed in exactly, and the cursor would move left in every way I tried. Iím sure there is a bug in there somewhere, but it is going to take a better man than me to find.

The fatal flaw in your conclusion is that neither of these has anything to do with a live switch. For TriCaster they would both be a part of pre-production not the live switch. Live switch is threatened by neither.

Nes Gurley