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04-04-2005, 03:23 PM
I am researching compatability to xp 64

My complete checklist in case anybody has any info on these products:

Nvidia graphics drivers - Yes

"Can you say, 'BFG 512 megs'? I knew you could."

Sony products Vegas/SoundForge/Acid - N/A


Native Instruments - N/A
Stienburg/Halion - N/A
Spectrosonics - N/A
Sample Tank - N/A

Sound Card :Mia/Echo -N/A

Thanks in advance


04-05-2005, 12:22 PM
Well I've made more progress.

Echo audio seems to be on the ball. They released a new product last year, a firewire audio capture solution, that has 64 drivers.

I got this response fron tech support regarding my Echo/Mia 2 in 2 out 24/96 audio card:

The os(64 bit windows) was just finalized, we hope to have the drivers out near or after
Philip Scheid
Echo Audio Tech Support

From some responses on another forum, I got this link if you are interested in a simi -current drvers list:


Things are going to start moving quickly. The slowest I would gather would be the other larger apps - adobe etc. that will take longer.

I plan to put together a dual boot system durring the transition.


04-05-2005, 12:52 PM
A little news flash for those of you using Vegas Video - the LW of the editing world.

They are releasing V.6 in a very suspicious time frame - about two weeks on the 15th of April.

They aren't saying ANYTHING PERIOD about the new version. Nothing, nada!

Yea! There's an outgoing message on the sales line stating they will answer no questions regarding V. 6!

Of course I asked about 64 bit anyway - in general of course - and the resonse I got was that there has been a lot of requests for it.

So I have a suspicion that they are going to make it 64 bit compatable.

Just a hunch, based on the time frame of the release and the response from that person.