View Full Version : lw8 + dfxplus + some book

04-03-2005, 02:35 PM
For Sale as animation set:

Lightwave [8] full DUO commercial version (win mac version)
Includes: LW [8] Program and Content CDs, LW [7] CD, printed manual, duo dongle USB, transfer-of-license letter

Eyeon's DFX+ 4 for Lightwave, with modules 1 (visual FX) and 4 (3D Tools)
Includes: Program and courseware CDs, manuals, original box, transfer-of-license

inside lightwave 6 from Dan Ablan, lw 5 character animation
i add a cd with last lw update (lw8.2.1), a bunch of freeware but very useful plugin, last dfx plus update from eyeon web site.

I estimate the value of the package to be over $1800.00. For $1400.00
you get it all plus priority shipping.

This item must be selled together be cause dfx plus is locked to lw dongle. DFX plus is windows onl, but work enought fast on virtual pc under fast Apple computer, like new g5.

Or make an offer, but shipping will be extra.
for every info or questions, send me an email: [email protected]