View Full Version : urgent!!LW_FBX_max nothing happened

04-03-2005, 02:18 PM
I used LW 8.21 and newest FBX6.01 plugin convert a .lws which contain a light,a camera with motion,a block...to be a .FBX.
I have set the folder path...and then run the plugin..
but it's nothing happened.......
the staute said "FBX complete"but I can't find anything at the folder.....
Are there some steps I missing?
pls help...

04-03-2005, 02:22 PM
ps...I have tried to bake all my camera motion.....
besides that, I can import .FBX...so it may not related to FBX plugin....
and I have tried to downgrade to LW8...but the same situation...
and I also used a simple box+motion camera...to test...yeah...the same!!!!

04-03-2005, 04:06 PM
Have you tried exporting with a very simple scene first? ( oops,.. just read your second post..),.. for testing? You might try saving to a different location,.. make sure you don't save to a write protected folder.

Here are the instructions from Alias:

Exporting from LightWave
To export from LightWave:
1. Select File>Export>Export to FBX.
By default, the pop-up menu offers to export the FBX
file with the same name and directory as your
LightWave scene file.
2. You can modify this by clicking the browser button
next to the Address field.
3. Select which parameters to export and click OK.
Wait for a confirmation dialog box.
Importing to LightWave
To import to LightWave:
1. Launch LightWave 8.
2. Select File>Import>Import from FBX.
3. Use the file browser to select the FBX file to be
imported, and the folder where your .lwo files are
created (fig 2-2).
4. Select the take you want to import.
5. Click OK.
fig 2-1: FBX Exporter menu.
fig 2-2: FBX Importer window.

3ds Max Import to an Empty Scene

You can import the .fbx file directly into an empty
scene. Morph creation, mesh, textures, and 3ds max
bones structure (hierarchy) are supported.
To import in an Empty Scene
1. Launch 3ds max.
2. Select File>Import, and use the file browser to
locate the .fbx file to import.
3. Select .FBX as the File Type, and click Ok.
4. Select Add in the pop-up menu that appears, and
leave the rest of the selected options as they appear.
5. Click Ok.