View Full Version : Strange Lightwave/Windows XP problem?

04-01-2005, 07:01 AM
About a week or so ago i got completely locked out of my system
with some kind of weird domain error. nothing i did would let me back into
it (its not on a domain, its a stand alone computer.) And basically i repaired
my Windows XP SP2 install back to WIndows XP off the cd.
Then applied all the patches and fixes and prought it up to the last
stable install with all windows SP1 patches and fixes installed.

Now i'm havng this strange problem which i cant isolate down
specifically to Windows OR Lightwave, but its noticible in
Lightwave itself:

Basically while modeling (I havent noticed anything in Layout but i havent
been doing any rendering or animating lately either), the system will freeze
for a second or so, then when it snaps back - depending on what i was doing before the blip - my geometry will be moved WAY out (if i was moving points or polys while it happened), etc, etc.

I've dissabledl AutoRun, and did the fixes for 'stoping windows xp from wildly
acessing the hard drive'. updated the mouse driver and even updated the
Video Driver to the latest Nvidia Forceware release, all to no avail.

this only seems noticible in Modeler (for instance it has not happened while typing this.).

any ideas?

Windows XP SP1
Intel P4 3 gig
2 Gig of DDR 3200 ram on 4 Sticks (Kingston).
Leadtek Nvidia TI4600 video card

- Will.

04-01-2005, 07:21 AM
wow, that's a tough one as it seems (which doesn't make sense) your data for the vertices is being changed. i'll assume you also did a clean install of lw when you re-did windows.

for awhile my lw was crashing if i even sneezed. research and testing (including a complete uninstall and install of lw) traced my problem to the video drivers, which, at the time, were the latest i had just d/l'd and installed (nvidia btw). i rolled the drivers back to an earlier version i knew worked and everything has been new england rock solid since.

the moral i learned is that lw doens't need the latest and greatest video drivers to survive and thrive, as those updates are aimed mainly at gamers and the changes their games are going thru, which doesn't apply to lw's aging core.

hoping the above might help.

04-01-2005, 08:38 AM
mine did the same thing and found out it was my INCD program.
It would happen everytime thet the computer looked at the DVD recorder (the light would flash), and when it was done, LW was fine.
Since removed DVD player to another compy, and nothing since.

when you work, try opening your resource panel off to the side and watch it when working, you should see a spike in something when it happens.

04-01-2005, 11:26 AM
Thanks, i will check it out.

Yes its a fresh install of lightwave.

I think though, that this may be some kind of USB problem.

Suddenly things have gotten weirder than they were. Namely my GE Optical Mouse suddenly stoped working. This has happened in the past, and usually pulling it out of the USB plug on the keyboard restores it, but that stopped working too. On the assumption the mouse was dieing i bought a new one. same thing (although it too is a GE Mouse with the same Product numbers but a totally different design - why do they do that! Bah!).

Which would make me think its a driver problem - possibly still haveing a SP2
driver installed with SP1 working maybe.

anyways I'm gonna go forward and try and reinstall sp2. maybe that will help.

I'll also look into the INCD stuff.

Thanks guys.

- Will.