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04-01-2005, 06:06 AM
OK, i've just made this character all the way from start to... so far in one go.

He's a simple stickfigure type character and I've given him some skelegons.

I've painted all the weight maps in vertex paint but now when I go into Layout and apply the weight maps I get weird deformations that are completely unseen in vertex paint ( :rolleyes: He deforms so nicely in vertex paint).

Does anyone know what this could this be?

Thanks very much!

04-01-2005, 07:59 AM
Does the thigh bone (which you're rotating in layout) use a weighmap that also covers the lower leg (as shown in Vertexpaint)? If you're not using Weight Normalization no point should have more than than 100% assigned weight to it when all weights for that points is summed up. So either tweak the weights or just turn on normalisation (-> makes it so sum will always be 100%). I guess it could also be related to another bone further down the chain, even one using regular bone falloff, which makes the sums for those points more than 100%.

04-01-2005, 08:21 AM
Ah I see, that makes me think the problem is that I've painted 100% (or thereabouts) on the same points in the LowerLeg and also the Foot... whereby the sum of the 2 maps on the same point would be around 200% & that would mess it up?

Is there a quick way of fixing it up so that the weightmaps avoid multiplying together unfavourably?

Once more to clarify, if I paint on a particular point at 40% for one bone and then on the next bone I paint 40% again on that same point... it'll be ok but if I crank each of those up to 60% it ruins it?

Thanks man :)

04-01-2005, 09:05 AM
Everything you said is correct given the fact that you want distortionfree deformations (well deformations are distortions, but you get what I mean, "unwanted distortions"). Except, just like 100+100 is too much, 40+40 is too little and those points would not be able to fully conform to the bone when animting.

As I said, easiest way to fix it is to simply turn on Weight Normalisation for all bones concerned and LW will automatically take care of things dynamically. 100+100 will act as 50+50, and 20+30 will act as 40+60. Nomatter the weight, LW will cut/add up the sum of all weights to 100% while keeping the relative relationships intact.

But if you want a function to acctually fix the weightmaps so no point has more or less than 100% weight assigned to it, I don't know of any to recommend. I haven't needed one (I use weight normalisation). But I'm sure I've read of one at FLAY.com . I would think Vertex Paint would have something to prevent this. I haven't used it much so I don't know for sure.

your welcome.

04-01-2005, 12:06 PM
Vertex paint does indeed have a Normalization feature which will make all the weightmaps painted on your object sum to 100% Alternatively, you can use one weightmap for multiple bones (say a Leg weightmap for Thigh, Calf and foot bones) this will leave it up to lw to calculate between bones, but it means you can ensure legs aren't cross affecting each other.