View Full Version : Shattering Box Tutorial - Box error.

03-31-2005, 10:12 PM
This question is a little less newbie . Okay. Everything works just fine. Except when it comes to the graph editor.


Things that I don't understand about this Tutorial are. Setting the floor as the Collision Object ( I'm using Lightwave 8.0 ). And getting the smoke to work from frame 20 to frame 35, even though i have my Graph setup for the Birthrate exactly as it shows. Through the entire process. The FX-Emitter properties show that no Particles are being generated.

In the hypervoxels settings. The particles have no size or variation. Or anything for that matter, even though everything is activated and and the preset loaded was "Smoke" under the "Smoke&Fire" Catagory.

Could someone tell me how to correct this?


P.S: Birthrate is 0.0 as well.