View Full Version : "Size" Question

03-30-2005, 11:27 PM
I've got a question regarding setup, rigging, and funny mouse behavior in 7.5b.
I'm making a creature that's probably best described as an underwater centipede: insect-like, with 11 pair of basically identical (although of different sizes) legs. I had thought that the best way to set up the leg arrangement was to make a single leg in Modeler with associated skelegons, and then, in layout, clone it, scale it and move the clones into position. Some of these clones would naturally be scaled to -1 on the X axis to provide the left/right difference.
I figured this would give me the control of pivots, scale and other parameters that I need, while minimizing the construction headaches of actually constructing eleven pair of legs in Modeler.
Oddly enough, I'm having trouble with the "Size" tool in layout, since all the legs that I've scaled at -1 don't hold their proportions along the X axis when I use the "Size" tool, it acts more like the "Stretch" tool, except the Y- and Z- axes remain hooked together.

So, is this just a little feature of no significance, or is this a harbinger of troubles to come if I continue on this path of setup and rigging? Does anybody know of a better way to go for a creature setup of this sort?