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03-30-2005, 08:00 AM
We have a dual zeon 3.2 running VT[3] hardware and [4] software. We are finding it crashes alot when using the .png files created in CG. One particular project had about 20 lower third straps which were created in CG, saved as a CG project and then we just used the png files from the CG project folder. After the first crash we had to try and reopen the VT edit about 5 times before it would open, it kep crashing when you launched the project. After about another half an hours worth of work it would crash again, and you were back to square one!
This doesn't happen with projects that have no CG files or titles created in Photoshop. Can anyone help??

03-31-2005, 09:08 AM
Many report similar instability of the CG. Also many do not, including myself. Best advice seems to be to slooow down, give it an extra beat to keep up with your key strokes and drags for one thing. Save often. Keep it simple. Close ALL other nonessential VT modules. Don't even think Live! and CG together. Use Aura, or another CG, or even Photoshop... for your overlayed lower thirds etc. If the VT CG isn't stable enough for ya.
I think everyone feels that the VT CG is the weak link in an otherwise K..K A..s system. This one problem is keeping an army of pros away in droves, da...mnit all. NewTek marketing is in deep doodoo until a satisfactory remedy is offered.

My advice is to deep six VT CG and get a CG that WOWs us, the cost benefit would be so favorable that I cannot fathom the lack of savy so far on it. I temper this knowing that CG Post effect on the timeline is built on the VT CG foundation, and I do like CG Post so far.

A list of useful 3rd party CG's along with plusses and minuses in members experiences, might be helpful. Anyone?

PowerCG ( but it's older than dirt too)


03-31-2005, 09:49 PM
I have many CG capable programs: VT, PPro, FCP, AE, Aura, Mirage, Motion, Boris Grafitti, DFX+, Illustrator, India Pro, Live Type and for me the winner is ...


I just can't get away from the awesome tools it offers for almost every still I create. The way we have it setup it is very fast and automated and about as close to integrated as you can get.

For animations and effects I have been using Mirage or Lightwave, but now that we have Motion and Live Type, I hope to be using those more and more.

John Perkins
04-09-2005, 10:50 AM
With all the amazing things VT4 does, you would think text would be easy...

PowerCG is older than dirt, but then again it's been stable as a rock for so long, why mess with a good thing?

You can also use the VT plugin to use it live or to see it on an NTSC monitor.