View Full Version : VT Slow Motion Fix?

04-21-2003, 06:22 AM

This thread was on another forum,

It sure makes an incredible difference in the sharpness of a Slo-motion clip.
If I could get a clip with this clarity to play smoothly, I would use Slo- Mo all the time!!!

Has anyone else tried this?

When I applied this technique, the clip stutters as it plays.
My clip was NTSC 720x486.

Is there a way to make the clip play smoothly?

Hope Newtek is able to utilize this in T3.

Romain Rouveyrollis - Apr 16, 2003 at 6:53pm

Here is something I stumbled upon by accident.

When doing slowmotion for video clips I often end up with the video looking a bit defielded or blured a bit. By going to the edit panel then to the positioning panel. now while holding down the control key you want to nudge the bottom just a little bit. You'll see the Y get a value of -1.

Now when you playback the slowmotion videoclip it should be nice and crisp.

At least that's what happens on my T[2].