View Full Version : Unable to customise menu.

03-23-2005, 01:40 PM
aarghh why is this happening ??!!!

Ive had dongle problems, now Im having license key problems and everything is going haywire for no reason.

Those problems I will sort out with Newtek-Europe.
At the moment I have a freshly installed LW8.2 with the 14 day keyfile until I find out why on earth it wont accept my permanent licence key.

Now I want to customise the menus as I had them before.
Namely to add FPrime, FPrime Refresh and FPrime Render to the menu.
Never had any probs with this in the past.

Now when I click on FPrime in the left hand column and drag it over to the other side, nothing happens. Nothing gets added.

Why on earth can this be ?? Im at a loss here and its a total mystery why my LW is so screwed up. Not detecting or accepting newtek provided license keys, not letting me edit the menu.

Also can someone tell me if after applying the 8.2.1 update, the build nos. change in Layout and Modeler and also if the title bar then says 8.2.1 and not 8.2 ?
Because Ive tried installing 8.2.1 several times and my LW still says 8.2 and the build nos. are identical.

Man am I being given a tough time or what !?

03-23-2005, 01:44 PM
Yes, typical. As soon as I post about the problem, it magically starts to work.
So now Im able to config the menu's.

All I need to sort out now is why my LW8 isnt recognising my license key.

03-24-2005, 03:25 AM
ths is some kind of floating problem as it happens to me as well. Usually i completely avoid the (ok i'll say it, its CRAPPY) the internal way of setting
up menues and tabs and stuff - it needs a rethink. the varying underline
is annoying, and just hand edit the cfg files in notepad/wordpad (just turn off formating)
Why not incorporate it into the Schematic view some. you'd have your main
PALLETTE view where boxes represent tabs and drop downs, then you'd have a nonmodal floating window that lists all the plugins etc, and you just pull them off there and drop them onto a tab or whatever on the pallette....

- Will.

03-25-2005, 09:09 AM
Yeah that might be a nice idea.

Ive managed to add FPrime to my menu layout now so thats something.

Plus Newtek Europe sorted out my licence key issue and they did so very very quickly too. Super service I got over the last 24 hours from them. Big thumbs up :)

Not all rosy though. For some reason lately Ive been getting CTDs after LW has rendered an image and I go to save it.
When I choose to save the render it crashes and I lose the work.
So now Im having to resort to rendering with F10 and having it save automatically :(

Heaven knows why its crashing there. Maybe something with the windows dialog or something.