View Full Version : Extremely Strange Issue with Bones

03-21-2005, 10:03 PM
I'm getting an extremely bizarre issue with bones in Lightwave 6.5.

Specifically, I was setting up a character rig and noticed a bit of deformation I didn't like, so I decided to add a child bone to solve the problem. I added an inactive bone, rotated it into position, and as I started to increase the rest length, this happened:


This happened, mind you, with the bone deactivated and unrested. No other bones were selected but the one I was working with, and deleting the bone did not bring the object back to normal.

What's even more strange is that, when I attempted to revert to a previously saved copy of the scene, the problem showed up there as well (and I saved that copy yesterday, long before I added the child bone!)

What could possibly be causing this?