View Full Version : Can't export .3ds or lightwave5 anymore

03-17-2005, 12:19 PM
In the last several builds of LW I am unable to export either .3ds or lightwave 5 formats. Exporting as LW5 just flat doen't work and .3ds generates an error window. Seems like it used to work on the old 6.5b osx version. This only happens with imported .3ds files ... If I export a model as a .3ds that was entirely constructed from scratch in LW8 it works most of the time (if the model is small enough). I've heard of some users getting it to work with an earlier version of the plugin but I'm not sure what version or where to download it. Any help would be great. We use lots of different software here and really depend on this capability.

side note: I'm being threatened with PC's and StudioMax as corporate fix!

Thanks in advance!

By the way we use dual G4 450's
2GB of ram
10.3.8 osx

03-18-2005, 01:45 AM
The 3DS format only supports 64,536 polygons, which might be a problem for you? Do you need to use the .3DS format? Are the files intended to go to max itself, in which case, I would use OBJ or FBX...