View Full Version : Poor DVD quality

03-15-2005, 09:30 AM

I recently upgraded to VT4 with the Ulead package. I have been trying to get help on this issue, but Newtek is telling me it's a Ulead problem and Ulead is tellin me it's a newtek problem.

I bought the package so I can easily author DVDs. I am using the avi wrapper that is in VT4 so I can directly open VT-edit projects in Ulead. The quality of the video, however, is not acceptable. It looks fine when previewing it, but the encoded version has a lot of problems. My stand alone is superior. I tried tweaking some settings to no avail. The main problem is that the video seems like it is missing frames so the motion is not fluid. Any suggestions on what I should do? I tried searching for this but my connection is terrible and I couldn't find anything. I hear TMPEG is the preferred route...if this is true can someone give me a link outlining the steps to get a goo package.


03-15-2005, 12:59 PM
The ULEAD DVDW encoder blows. Use TMPGEnc: