View Full Version : Auto-apply in Modeler Numeric Panel?

03-14-2005, 09:54 AM
I'm upgrading from LW V5.5 to V8.2. In modeler, I now have to use the mouse to explicitly press the "Apply" button in the Numeric Panel to rotate, transpose, scale an object. This is inconsistent with the V5.5 behavior where typing RETURN applied the changes. This is also inconsistent with the Numeric Panel in creating a Box, Disc, etc., where simply pressing RETURN causes the action to happen. This is also inconsistent with the behavior of Numeric input in Layout where typing values and a RETURN immediately applies them.

I would REALLY REALLY like the V5.5 behavior, where I simply press RETURN to apply the changes in Modeler's "Modify" numeric panels. Is there a way to do this?