View Full Version : Significance of Monitor Response Time

03-08-2005, 02:35 PM
Is the Response Time of a monitor important when working with Lightwave? Would I notice a difference between 25 ms and a 16 ms response times?

03-09-2005, 03:31 PM
When working with Lightwave? It all really depends on whether or not your picky on the "frame rate" when playing back animations and setting things up.


Just to sum up the definitions...this article states the response time gives itself only to LCD monitors. Comparable to a CRT 25 milliseconds is a 40 Hz refresh rate while 16 is 62.5 Hz. Considering a lot of people (gamers, multimedia artists, and others) would rather have a CRT than a LCD through the reason of more smoother displays...the 16 milli would be acceptable since most of those people have their refresh rates (within their device's settings, not the physical measurement) at 60 or 75 Hz.

For me, and I am assuming many others...the difference between 40 and 62.5 Hz will be massive. So to answer your question yes you will be able to tell the difference...but it all depends on you. It also dramitcally depends on your system's hardware. Your monitor may be able to draw out the 60 +\- Hz while you video card (or integrated) can only render out 15 or 30, thus wasting a valuable viewing experience.

Back to the beginning... for setting up stuff...if you can't stand the lag of 10 to 15 Hz (or frames per second), than definitely get the 16 milli. Although if your fine and your only setting up and rendering stuff with Lightwave than the 25 will be fine. Although if you want a pleasable viewing experinence when watching your nice renders than the 16 will go far.

I hope this helps.