View Full Version : Jolt - Preset Values

03-06-2005, 09:52 AM
I was learning how to use Jolt, but it seems I've deleted accidentally some values for "Medium". Back to the manual I've read this:

Using Preset Values
You can alter preset values. If you press the D button to the immediate right of any of the presets, then you store the current settings for the key as the default values for that preset. These new default values will persist between sessions with LightWave 3D. (Jolt! stores its preset defaults in a file called JOLT.PRE. You can restore the built-in Jolt! preset values at anytime by deleting this file; however, it can be stored in various places depending on the system configuration. You will need to search your hard drive to find it.)

I definitely can't find that file and it seems the preset values for the "medium" option have gone away. Does anyone know how to restore those preset values? If that's impossible, I'd like to know the preset values for the "medium" option. Thanks.