View Full Version : Going crazy with "LWSN.exe -3"

03-03-2005, 07:40 AM
I'm using LWSN a lot, mostly with a few computers all connectet to a server that shares its complete Lightwave-DIR.
I Already rendered thounds of frames this way.

But now (I'm using LWSN 8.2 [Build 768]) sometimes strange things happen...
I'm rendering a few frames, change the blur-length, reder the same frames again and LWSN Output is as follows:
Current directory is now "Y:\Lightwave".
Loading "Scenes\test.lws".
Clearing scene
Loading settings
Loading plug-in
{Objects and whatever-else is loaded, without any errors}
Scene loaded.
Allocating frame buffers.
Allocating segment buffers.
Freeing segment buffers.
Freeing frame buffers.
And thats it!
Nothing happens!
Not even an error occurs!

Even when Undoing the blur-length-changes it's sill not working!

I have no Idea what's the problem here!!!!

Do you??

Please help!!!

[Info: All Changes I applied to the scene are made within Notepad!!]

03-03-2005, 10:23 AM
OK, I got it!!

I just copied all .cfg Files from another Computer and changed the path in it to match the Servers Path. And it worked!!

I enabled WriteProtection for the Files now ;)

I hope this might help users struggling with the same Problem.

- sam