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03-02-2005, 02:21 PM
I wanted to try and do an animation that looked like timelapse construction of a building. Where would I begin?

Do I create all the pieces and place them outside of the camera view then animate each piece into the shape of the house? That's the only way I can think of creating the animation.

03-02-2005, 05:22 PM
Hey Cool, idea. I have been thinking about time warp stuff too, like Slo Mo....

Try this on for size:

Since you probably don't want to have a construction crew running around putting all the pieces in place, perhaps it would be an idea to simulate the construction in a sort of phase basis.

Rather than hav the pieces fly in, you could have the partly cloudy sky in the BG running by at lightspeed going dark and light also for the day and night transitions and just have the new pieces fade in with each day or every other day, however you want it. That way the darkness of night would create a natural phase effect where the scene fades out and when it fades in there is another piece. Or you could disregard that and just fade the pieces in on thier own time. But I would make the fades quick but not so quick that they pop into place.

I kind of get the idea you are looking to illustrate it as an "idea of", rather than the actual event taking place which would include the const. crew and cars, people going by etc.

This is just an idea that might work to get what you are going for. The fades could just be object dissolves.

If you build your model with this in mind, you could just keep all the peices in separate layers. When you import the object into Layout it would be a complete building, but with your plan of how to "construct it" using object dissolves.

Also a neet idea would be to animate textures to show things like paint being applied....

Well just an idea, maybe it'll get the juices flowing...


03-03-2005, 07:24 AM
That's a good idea. Much simpler that way. Can you make clouds move in skytracer? Its brilliant actually. Thanks.

03-03-2005, 12:34 PM
OK, Thanks. Glad you liked the idea!

Sky Tracer 2 is accessable in Layout from the Windows dropdown at the top left and by selecting Backdrop options. This brings up the Effects panel which is opened to the Backdrop tab. At the bottom use the Add Environment drop down and select Sky Tracer 2. From there go to the clouds tab and activate either type, then the Texture button will become active. When you click on it it will bring up the texture editor where you can chose the procedural type. The LW 8 manual suggests using St Clouds. Since it is a procedural texture YES it will animate! Sky tracer uses this procedureal as the source of the clouds. Get it?

At the bottom of the pannel you will find E buttons next to all of the peramiters under the tabs, Scale Position, Rotation. Creating envelopes is how you animate the texture. Say in the Z direction you could have then clouds fly by over the horizon. Playing with the other paramiter's E buttons(Small Scale, Big Scale) will animate the formations which gives you the timelapse effect of the clouds forming over time.

Check ouit the manual it all starts (PDF version) on P.226

There are probably a host of TUTS out there are animating clouds, but you can mess around with it as well.

Do check out the manual though. There is lots of useful info and some great examples with beautiful pics.

You're going to have fun!