View Full Version : Unwanted Polys

03-02-2005, 12:42 PM
Anyone else have this problem: you're zoomed in real close on your model, you select a few polys manually in your Perspective textured window, move them around, but when you zoom out you notice that some random polys elsewhere on your model were selected also and are consequently screwed up.

Am I doing something wrong, or do I just have to be extra careful to make sure what I selected is really all that I selected?


03-02-2005, 01:01 PM
It depends on your display mode. Sometimes in wireframe mode you can select thru the polys you think youre clicking and and select others too.

03-02-2005, 01:18 PM
I know that, sorry, I should have been clearer. When I said perspective textured window, I meant clicking in the perspective window with the display mode on texture.

03-02-2005, 02:42 PM
Used to happen to me all of the time. Nowadays I typically keep with the quadview, with perspective in upper right window... and I ALWAYS keep stats panel open somewhere on screen, with at least the first couple of lines in it visible at all times. If you hit the minus sign in there it's the quickest way to deselect everything before you go and start working elsewhere.

03-02-2005, 02:47 PM
I work the same way. It's not because I've accidentally left other stuff selected. Modeler doesn't even let you select new polys if you have other polys selected unless you hold down the shift key, so hitting the minus key in the status panel isn't my problem.

Ghost selection. Seriously, just now it happened again, I was zoomed in on Aladdin's mouth. I select three polys on his mouth. I hit SHIFT-A and suddenly I'm zoomed out because one poly way over on his leg was magically selected....