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03-01-2005, 12:29 AM

Ok I have a question for all you F'Primer's out there.

I was scoping out the "Moonbase (Alpha)" file within the "Scenes/Space" folder and with "Everything" visable within Layout I activated FPrime to see how the scene looked with some semi'rendering and I found that the entire "Moonbase" was rendering "Without" either of the 2 Eagles being present in the rendering.

I then closed out of FPrime and attempted it again and no matter how I moved the camera around or switched camera views, neither one of the Eagles would render in FPrime, just the base itself.

I then closed out of Lightwave entirely and attempted the whole thing over again... this time, using FPrime, the entire Moonbase rendered out with the "Inclusion" of only "One" of the two Eagles that were in the scene. I tried it all over again and "No Eagles"... I tried it again and the Eagle on the pad rendered an the one above in the background was missing.

Has anyone come across this with FPrime..? I know that FPrime doesn't render out everything at its current incarnation, but I was under the understanding that the "Models" within the scene wasn't one of them...?


03-01-2005, 12:59 AM
You may need to apply FPrime to the objects themselves. Check the "invisible" objects and make sure that FPrime is applied to them under their Displacement panel (found under Object Properties). You may also need to switch their Subdivision order to something other than Last.

Those are my guesses. I don't have FPrime here so I can't test it, but those would definitely prevent an object from appearing in an FPrime rendering, I believe.

hope that helps.