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02-28-2005, 07:05 PM

I'm trying to find a tutorial or guide on how to take pictures of an item I want to model so that I can use the pics as backdrops but i've found nothing. I checked both of my reference books, Inside Lightwave 7 and Lightwave Applied 7, but found no mention of this. I'm interested in how close/far away I should be from my object when snapping pictures, how to rotate it for various views (side, top, front etc), and what I should use as a background (wall, board etc).

I anxiously await your replies... :D


02-28-2005, 11:41 PM
Well, guess it is more of a personal preference more than anything. Just try to keep your camera the same distance from your object when shooting other views. Make sure your camera settings stay the same. You mostly need a side shot and a front shot, if you can get an overhead all the better.
If you can keep your camera on a tripod, this will allow you to make sure the camera is the same distance from the object by measuring without having the camera move.
The higher the resolution the better, Nice when your trying to add that extra detail. If you can get a camera with a good zoom lens, great for taking shots of animals, as the closer you can get with the zoom, the more detail is available to model.
Check into lighting for the camera, this can help reduce hot spots when shooting objects that reflect.
Just remember that in modeler, you can adjust the zoom of the image and the center point. So if two images don't quite match, you can adjust it a little.
Anyways, I am sure someone on this board is a pro photographer and they can get you much more advise than I can.