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02-28-2005, 04:44 PM
He people, I need some help

Could someone show me what's wrong with this, please. I'm about to go silly!

echo "LightWave Screamernet Node1 Initialisation"
cd e:\program files\newtek\lightwave7\programs\

LWSN -2 -c"\\soulwax\e\program files\newtek\lightwave7\config_sn" -d"\\soulwax\e\pictures\projects\lightwave\" "\\soulwax\e\program files\newtek\lightwave7\screamer_command\job1" "\\soulwax\e\program files\newtek\lightwave7\screamer_command\ack1"

echo "LightWave Screamernet Node2 Initialisation"
cd c:\program files\lightwave\Programs\

LWSN -2 -c"\\soulwax\e\program files\newtek\lightwave7\config_sn" -d"\\soulwax\e\pictures\projects\lightwave\" "\\soulwax\e\program files\newtek\lightwave7\screamer_command\job2" "\\soulwax\e\program files\newtek\lightwave7\screamer_command\ack2"

And no, I do not want to change my directory structure :rolleyes:

03-01-2005, 04:56 PM
Oke, oke it doesn't like spaces BUT I still was curious if you could have used quotes to surpass this problem. Now, I just have the problem that my renders do not appear :confused:

03-01-2005, 05:34 PM
I take it the nodes are initialising and appear to go through the motions of rendering ... but are there no files at all, or are they there but black frames?

No frames could mean any or all of the following:

LWSN.exe can't find the LWEXT3.cfg file

The paths INSIDE the LWEXT3.cfg file aren't pointing across the network (if you are NOT storing them locally on each node)

The save path in each scene file being rendered is wrong / not where you thought it was / still set up for a local render on the original machine

Access rights to the save folder aren't allowing the nodes to save files there

Either way check:

1) That the scene files save options are saving to where you think they are (shared directory or locally on the hard drive of each node machine). If it's a shared directory make sure the access rights are setup properly (try connecting to it using the path LWSN.exe will use and copy a file in there, if you can they should be okay)

2) Check your LWEXT3.cfg file to make sure it's pointing the plugins to the right place.

Normally the plugin entries in the LWEXT3.cfg file look like (in your setup):

{ Entry
Class "AnimLoaderHandler"
Name "AVI(.avi)"
Module "E:\\program files\\newtek\\lightwave7\\Plugins\\input-output\\avi.p"


But for ScreamerNet they should read with the path:

{ Entry
Class "AnimLoaderHandler"
Name "AVI(.avi)"
Module "\\soulwax\\e\\program files\\newtek\\lightwave7\\Plugins\\Input-Output\\Avi.p"


If the plugin paths in the LWEXT3.cfg file are pointing to the wrong place, LWSN.exe won't find the file saver plugins and might not save the files, although more likely they will be .TGA files.

Give that lot a go and get back to us!