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Thomas M.
02-28-2005, 01:27 AM
Mmmh, this time it's pretty urgent and as I'm not experienced with bones I ran into some problems. Might be pretty easy for you to help me. Simple question:

I do have an object A which gets deformed by its bones. Object B is parented to object A and is kind of a second skin to it and has its own bones, too.

What do I need to do that object B follows the deformation of object A and still reacts to its own bones?

If I choose in the bones properties panel for object B the bones from object A, then object B follows the deformation. But its own bones don't work anymore.

What do I have to do without merging both objects into one?

Please give me a quick reply.

Thanks in advance

02-28-2005, 06:07 AM
If the rigs are the same, then you could orient/(point) constrain the bones of the second skin to those of the first, perhaps with a less than 100 percent effect strength.

However, can`t you just put the second skin bones into the first object`s rig? If there are weight maps, then one set of bones can sit right next to the others without influencing the wrong skin.