View Full Version : Sending preview renders to LWSN?

02-24-2005, 05:13 PM
I was wondering if anyone has tried to do this or if it's even possible?

I have my a graphics box which is getting a bit old, but I'm waiting to upgrade for a bit still. I have a fast little shuttle box around to render with and I wa thinking this could be fun: :D

- Hitting F9 for a preview render would send the scene to a LWSN node for render.

- While it's rendering you can keep working on the scene in LW.

- When the render node is finished it would pass the finished render into the render display or some other LW image viewer...

This could also be applied to the F10 render command...

02-28-2005, 11:55 PM
To my knowledge there is no way of doing this, but you are not alone in wishing it was possible!

Of course, keep in mind that LWSN is a separate application which means that every time you hit your ScreamerNet F9, the scene would have to load again.

My suggestion would that if you want to work while test rendering is going on, buy Fprime.