View Full Version : Edit Startup in Modeler

02-23-2005, 08:13 AM
I just saw the Edit Startup option in Modeler (LightWave 8.0). There is a page in the Help documents (search "Edit Startup" and click "Edit Startup") that has a footnote that says,

"Note: You can save a list of commands to a file by choosing Utilities > Save Cmd List. This file will list every action that is available as well any arguments for the actions when applicable."

There is a similar page in the manual.

I used "Utilities > Save Cmd List" to save a list of commands. I thought that this would be the same as the commands in the dropdown menu for "Edit Startup." They aren't the same.

For instance, I see "vortex" in file from "Save Cmd List", but not in the drop down menu. I see, "Add Luxigon" in the drop down menu, but not in the "Save Cmd List."

Why? What is the "Utilities > Save Cmd List" for?