View Full Version : need help regarding poser propack and lightwave 6.5

02-19-2005, 07:29 PM
hi everyone

i use poser 4 propack ...and also own lightwave 6.5 for windows 2000. can someone who uses the plugin for lightwave for poser help me...i downloaded the plugin from Curious Labs and installed the plugin...it asked for me to search and i did....it then asked if i own 5.5 or 5.6 i said no..i only own 6.5..then it asked me about poser since i own poser 5 and poser propack...i chose propack...i went to lightwave Layout but couldnt find poser plugin....i then reinstalled the plugin...and avoided the computer doing its own search ....it asked again for 5.5. or 5.6 i said no....then it asked to located poser propack...i found it and chose the path for both...why did it ask for the path to both lightwave and poser....is it okay to load the plugin again over the existing one...can i affect lightwave or poser....will it corrupt or hurt lightwave or poser....and now how do i load a poser scene file into lightwave 6.5....does anybody no...can someone on this board help me out....please....i want to use the Daz characters vicky and michael 2 and 3 and victoria 2 and 3..in lightwave and load my poser scene files into lightwave...how do i do that since their video doesnt help at curious labs and no one at curious labs knows anything...

please help me
charles :)