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02-19-2005, 12:45 AM
Now that Windows XP X64 is down to RC versions and release dates are being mentioned, is there any mention of a release date for LW8-64?

And yes, I know if you work for a company with a tight deadline and 27,000 computers, you cannot afford to take the chance to play with such things.

I know that If you make your living with Lightwave, you probably do not want to install a beta OS on your system (even a late beta). You do not even want to install a NEW OS on your system (Most double especially if it is an unsupported one).

I also know about the driver issues. I know pretty much all the major arguments against doing it so no one need post that here (and I only state all this because it always comes up).

I LIKE playing with the new software. Lightwave (and all my computer time really) is just a hobby, and I am willing to put myself through all those potential headaches on the off chance that I MIGHT prevent a bug from wrecking YOUR valuable projects in the future (and I do really enjoy all the work I see done by you professional Lightwavers---You guys and gals are amazing).

Warning-- slightly off topic portion of the post begins now---

And speaking of headaches....the SATA Raid didn't rebuild correctly on installing XP64. It was a raid-0 (yeah, I know about that too....I use it for video capture and games) and therefore mostly backed up. I am trying to dig it out with recovery software as an exercise though. That isn't looking too good. So those of you using raid-0 for any reason make SURE you back up before installing.


PS editted "several hours later"

On that Raid 0 issue.

I had to delete the whole raid and rebuild it (Windows kept seeing the raid AND one of the drives in the raid separately). I had previously tried high level format, then deleting the partition and low+high level formats.

So the thing had been through one complete array rebuild, 2 low level formats, and 3 high level (full, not quick) formats. After this, I was able to recover most of the files (but not all) using R-Studio. Of course, save often and back up frequently if your data is important, but for the desparate.....

Like I said, it was an exercise.

PPS editted "several more hours and a whole lot of language mom would not let me use when I was little later...."

I can't get it to see the stupid dongle. Sentinel 7 installs, but doesn't see it. Superpro medic runs and says no dongles found (have 2 parallel ones...Lightwave and Aura). I wrote Rainbow and they said they do not have a driver yet, only one for Itanium systems (and those are not the same). That certainly puts a damper on things unless there is something else going on that I am not seeing.

02-19-2005, 05:10 PM
I am pretty much the same boat as you are. I wonder if anyone has heard any rumor of any date release for LW8 that will support Windows XP Professional X64.

Being a hobbist myself and am inspired by many talent individuals at LWG. I am soon to purchase the AMD64 and WinXPX64 to see what performance we can expect compared to HW and Software. :cool:

02-20-2005, 12:59 PM
There is no working rainbow/sentinel driver at this time. Rainbow/Safenet has an Itanium driver, but it will not install as it is for the OTHER 64 bit windows.

They do not have anything that works with this according to the email they sent me. So, I can
a)do without lightwave until they get around to it
b)go back to XP pro
c)buy a mac

and the correct answer is.....B. Going back to regular XP Pro.

I'll give safenet tomorrow to respond to my latest email and see if it looks promising. I can survive if they expect to release one later in the week or something.

02-23-2005, 06:58 AM
New email from safenet, but its confusing. They seem to distinguish between making a driver for the AMD64 processor (where all has been well for the last year or so with me) and WinXP64 (Longhorn).

They did not provide a date when there might be a driver that worked.

If any of the Newtek smart people are reading this and have some kind of solution they would like to offer, I am all ears.

02-23-2005, 02:24 PM
Rainbow/Safenet has an Itanium driver, but it will not install as it is for the OTHER 64 bit windows.

Of course not, Itanium is a totally different platform, your Athlon64 doesn't know any of those instructions...

Probably they just don't care about developing/testing their drivers with release candidates, like most others unfortunately...when they have an Itanium driver they obviously made sure it is 64bit compatible.

Oh and Longhorn is NOT Windows XP x64 (or any XP for that matter)...

02-24-2005, 02:06 AM
Lynx, note the part where I say "it is for the OTHER 64 Bit windows." :P

I KNOW the Itanium uses different instructions.

My bad on the difference between Longhorn and XP x64 Windows.

As for not making drivers with release candidates, I was under the impression that was the whole point of TESTING. That way, when people are buying systems with the OS this summer, they do not buy you competitor's product since yours doesn't work. Its not like you haven't been able to LEGALLY down load this for months or something (no long forms, no fees).

I swear its enough to make you think those intel conspiracy theories are plausible sometimes (ok, it still takes a little tequila, but less than it used to).