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02-18-2005, 09:14 PM
Hi folks

Many thanks to everyone who came (and wow, what a turn-out!). The room was a little cramped with desks and chairs - Though next time we make use of this location, we'll look at moving the desks to the side and open up the space a little (or use a different room).

But that's next month...

Many thanks have to go to Kevin Sharp and the team at Natcoll Design Technology (http://www.natcoll.ac.nz) for making the location available at such short notice, and for getting the Machine and projector all set up. Thanks Kev!

For no munchies or refreshments! Next time I'll organise myself a little better. :-(

I started out with a small handful of videos. Some old ones, some new ones... But always something to just fill in a little time...

Yes, the grand prize of a new copy of the book '1001 Tips and Tricks for LightWave[8]' went to Craig Vrankovich, for his humourous take on oppressing the small guy's in CG... :)

Congratulations Craig! I hope the book comes in handy with your future LightWaving!

To view the entries for the competition:

More about '1001 Tips and Tricks':

We were pretty quickly into the show-and-tell session. There were some cool things around this meeting, and my sincerest thanks go to everyone who bought along work to show...

Steve bought along his very cool model of a Rugby Wheelchair he's been building. Not only looking pretty accurate, it was also loaded with plenty of detail, including the bolts holding on the wheel swivels and individual wheel spokes.

Nice work - And thanks to the group for piping up with some ideas on how Steve can 'gunge' up his model to get a more realistic look. Hopefully by the next meeting, Steve can wow us with more progress on this cool project.

FYI - Steve has also posted this project up here for those who missed out:


Thanks to Chris for a couple of reasons. One was for bringing in Wordware catalog's and offering a 10% discount to users to order some of these excellent books from his dad's business. This offer is greatly appreciated, and make sure to thank your Dad for us too!

The second is for showing us a couple of new models he'd been building - A cool cartoony character, a version of the Fantastic Four's Thing and his Mini Cooper. I'm sure people were impressed with the nicely weighted animation of the Thing throwing the Mini, as well as the other renders shown as well.

Keep up the great work Chris!

Sami's been working on some commercial DVD project in the form of 'The Zen of Screaming', a DVD on how to become a Metal singer :-)

The DVD featured a cool animated Bhudda on the menu screens, modelled by John DeBoer and rigged/animated by Sami. Awesome work and thanks for bringing it along to show everybody where LightWave is being used in commercial projects like this. Its always an inspiration to see our favorite application being used in the 'real world'.

I quickly popped up a handful of renders of a WIP robot I've been working on. Its a retro-styled robot that I should hopefully have done more on by the next meeting. Plenty of rivets and details on the joints are meant to give the robot a little more 'reality' factor... But we'll see what happens next meeting.

Thanks to Petrik for bringing along the latest DaveSchool (http://www.daveschool.com) demo reel DVD for us to watch.

Bleacher is a small script I developed to fake an effect called 'Bleach ByPass' in LightWave. It was an image filter - And while its not 100% perfect, it did offer a way to create a different look to your final renders.

Many thanks to people who piped up with suggestions. I'll have some new scripts available soon on my website. While I created Bleacher, I've made it available to another website for hosting - I'll update everyone once its available.

The meeting was busy, plenty to look at, and ended around 9:35pm.

Many thanks to everyone that came. While I didn't have a real plan on this meeting, I was happy to have seen so many people sharing their work and providing feedback.

The next meeting I plan on providing a few tutorials, refreshments (Yes, really!) and more...

I'll keep everyone updated soon!

Kevin Phillips.