View Full Version : move, rotate on local co-ord fix/update

02-13-2005, 06:18 AM
The ability to move selected items ( single or multiples ) on a local axis by a set amount and to be able to enter this numerically

A recent problem I encountered involved converting a Max scene to Lightwave.
Converting the scene into Lightwave was fairly straightforward however adjusting the lights positions was not.
The scene had over 2000+ lights in it ( all at various angles positions etc )
A lot of these lights needed to be moved by a set amount ( 1m, 2.5m etc ).

What I required was a way to select multiple lights ( or items even ) and then have them move on their local axis by a set amount.I could manually drag them and they would move locally but I could not move them numerically.I even tried to use the "add to position" but this just moved them on a world axis and not on their local axis.( see the thread on the LWNG for examples ).

Having the ability to do this with any item would be excellent.

In the end I had to do all the moving in max (it has this feature)and keep transferring them back into Layout to check.