View Full Version : Surface editor "texture on toggle"

02-13-2005, 06:04 AM
Surface editor "texture visible in viewport button" toggle button.
The ability to be able to chose which texture in the surface editor is visible in the viewport.

The example I can give is this.( might sound more complex than it really is )

I have a building object whose diffuse channel contains multiple layered textures ( some of these blending modes are set to alpha ).The way this is setup allows me to use less textures and to create multiple variations of window patterns on a building.(this object is an in-game environment object).

Basic setup is this

layer1:building part mask (Blending Mode set to alpha)
layer2:building texture (Blending mode set to normal)
layer3:building windows (Blending mode set to normal)

In my viewport I can only see the layer3 texture and ideally I would like to be able to see the layer 2 texture as this is the main texture of the building.

Now I think I can possibly figure out various workarounds for this situation but having the option to choose which of the diffuse ( or another slots ) layers are visible in the viewport would be excellent - especially when dealing with complex multilayered textures.

Ideally to be able to view the entire multilayered texture in the viewport would be perfect but I'm guessing this is much harder to implement.