View Full Version : Polygon Cruncher 6.6 and 3D Photo Browser Light 7.6 now availables!

02-11-2005, 07:11 AM
Dear Lightwave users,

Polygon Cruncher 6.6 - a powerful mesh optimizer - is now available and this update improves greatly UV and vertex color maps optimization.

You can retrieve and download Polygon Cruncher at: www.mootools.com/plugins/us/polygoncruncher

You'll also find 3D Photo Browser at http://www.mootools.com/plugins/us/3dbrowserpro/ web site.

3D photo Browser is a images and 3D files browser which handles perfectly Lightwave files. Release 7.6 now displays patches in the provided 3D viewer.
Please note that 3D photo Browser Light version is free.

Enjoy our products,