View Full Version : Crash on displacement layer copy n paste

02-10-2005, 06:33 AM
I found a bug while dealing with layers in the displacement map channel of an object.
Here it goes

1. Get an object into layout
2. Add a null object
3. Add a displacement map (any procedural will do).
4. Click on a channel envelope (any will do)
5. graph editor: add modifier: channel follower: follow any channel of the null
6. texture editor : copy layer
7. add to layers or replace layers

TATA! Here you are, a fresh crash!

In fact I just wanted to go through this sketch-look-tutorial and wanted to improve it with the channel follower.


In case you are too tired to do steps 1 to 5, heres my scenefile, where i stumbled across this bug:

You only need to CnP the displacemt map layer.