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02-08-2005, 01:37 PM
Hi all.
Iíve seen a mention or two about this on other threads but I thought Iíd post it as new to try to catch Newteks attention as it is making working in Layout near impossible.

When I select an object or Camera or Light the Layout window goes bright pink, and when I move that object / Camera / Light the pink flashes on and off repeatedly whilst moving, rotating, scaling etc. It doesnít happen to every object or every Light or every Camera so it seems to be random. Iíve tested which objects to see whether it was ones that were rotated etc or not but itís not as simple as that.

It seems to be an OpenGL problem so Iím presuming it is affecting only Mac users.
This has been happening to me since I got LW 8.0 on my G4 and I was hoping it would have been fixed by 8.2 but itís still there. This suggests that itís not a video card issue, more of a system based OpenGL problem. Iím amazed that the issue hasnít been addressed seeing as there are so many LW Mac users and Iím presuming that many LW Mac users are experiencing this problem too.
Iíve been on to Newtek Europe but the guy I spoke to didnít know of the problem.

I would be interested to know if there are just a few of us pink window sufferers out there or are there many. I never really liked Pink before but I really hate it now.

Any help or info on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Icegiant. (G5 2.5Ghz - OS 10.3.7 - 4gb ram - LW 8.2 - 30inch Display - nVidia 6800 DLL)
:eek: :( :mad: :confused:

02-09-2005, 10:02 AM
I have discovered that disabling 'show motion paths' in the Display Options fixes the problem. Obviously itís quite annoying to not be able to see motion paths but itís a temporary fix and it stops the pink rage! The "pink" colour of the window must come from the default pink colour of the motion paths themselves. Hopefully this will help whoever might be able to fix this problem in the future.

Icegiant ;)