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02-06-2005, 09:25 AM

So I'm making a hi-res model (in 7.5d on Mac X3.7) using some real basic geometry, a little bit of drilling and some Boolean subtraction. This is simply a flat object at this point and after lots of waiting on the drill, I contemplated just building the object's geometry in Illustrator, but I wanted a challenge and already had all the cutting layers and the flat object that they would be cutting mapped to scale in modeler (with object, protractor and a metric ruler close by). I kept hitting a brick wall around 1000 points when drilling and I know of the 1024 per face limit, so I lowered the point count by almost half and had peaked at about 924 point and it worked. However when I went to cut four small holes amounting to 60 points, same issue and the holes were not cut.

I finally got the holes cut by reducing the points to about 48, but neither number actually exceeds 1024. These 4 holes are not vital since they will be covered with gromets that were modeled to fit through the holes.

Is there a better way to model flat objects with extensive curves cut in a single plane or should I revert to making the objects vectors in Illustrator and import them as I am used to? I use boolean operations a lot in my work. (Newtek mentioned this limitation would be mitigated by using 64-bit processing, but no word on when.)

02-06-2005, 09:41 PM
You could try starting with a more subdivided poly plane. If you`re booleaning into a grid of poly squares, no one square will get anywhere near the 1024 point limit.



02-07-2005, 09:51 PM
I finished the model today - It's a high res vintage 16mm film reel exactly to scale - and the four low point count holes through the side plates won't be noticed because they are covered by grommets, but I will probably take your advice and do a little more tweaking. Thank You. - Monkey

Hopefully when the 64-bit thing is working we can up the points to 4096.