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04-16-2003, 09:36 AM
Ok, first time I'm on this forum. I am a real Mac fanatic, and run a 1ghz Tibook. I want to buy a new desktop Mac in fall or winter or whenever the speeds are right!
I'm a student 3D/2D Animation and allways have to defend Mac :rolleyes:

But I hear comes my first Topic, problem actually.

I organised a pretty complex scene on Mac. All my files are WITH extention, and properly organised in folders like they should be. When I try to open this scene on a pc, after loading 84% or something like that, Lightwave crashes. I tried to open it on dosens of mac's, and it went allright. But Pc? Nope. Now, my problem is that I have to render it offcourse and would like to open it on rendernodes (pc's) Is there someone who know's how this problem can be caused? or better, Solved ? :) I run Lw 7.5b

I think it crashes when trying to load a plugin, but I'm not sure.

Thank you

04-16-2003, 01:53 PM
dont know if this will solve your problem, but it should fix at least one problem you will have...

go get bbedit lite, or the demo....

open your scene file in bbedit, and change the line endings to "PC line endings" (this can be done from a pull down menu in the document window). then save the file.

the mac version of LW has no trouble opening pc scenes files, but the PC version chokes and fails to load any mac scene file that hasnt had its line endings converted. The symptom is that LW loads only the first object in the scene.

04-16-2003, 02:54 PM
i have been texturing models for an animation house for 2 weeks now.
i am all mac(X), they are all PC(win2000 or XP) we have been swapping scene
files the whole time(both ways) and have not had one bit of trouble?
multi layered objects,multiple objects in scene files.
is this something with older versions of winderz? or have i been living lucky?
just curious?

04-16-2003, 04:11 PM
Well, I didn't had any problems in the past either.. Until this scene came up. And after working on it half a year, It rendered at 5 6 minutes/frame. So because my schooldepartment uses PC's to run lightwave.. I had a problem because this particiularry scenefile and all it's daughter scene files (save as) made Lightwave crash!

The good news is: NOT ANY MORE!!! Thanx to the great BBEDit tip from eblu! I only got a minor error about Quicktime VR, but I do not need that!

Great, A problem solved.. (note: my mom's P3 800 with 128ram WindowsNT was testdummy, but was not able to render a single frame!! shadowbuffer error: not enough memory.. :rolleyes: tssssss)

But now I can steel some rendertime at school! Thanks a lot!!!!

04-17-2003, 07:16 AM
perhaps it is a windoze issue specific to whatever version of windows my co-worker uses, all i know for sure is that his LW cant open my scene files, unless i change the line endings to PC. He used to be on WinNT4.0, and now he is on WinXP. It is consistent on both versions, with Mac line endings, he cant open the scene file.

good to hear.