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02-02-2005, 08:50 AM
Hi there I previously posted this in the general discussion section as I thought it was not related to the mac , but I think it might be.

Hi There everyone,

Since upgrading to 8.2 yesterday one of my scenes and it's associated model is getting a "lightwave.out" and a "modeller.out" warning message when the scene loads up. Even when switching back to 8.01 it still comes up whereas pre 8.2 installation the exact same scene and model with the same images (which I've used before in other scenes) didn't pop up this window, whichis something I've never come across before.
I also have just upgraded my mac os to 10.3.7 (could it be this?) I'll post here as I don't think this is mac specific. Also on quit lightwave asks if I want to save the .out file.

Does anyone know what it is and more importantly how to turn it off as the scene is unaffected by it and clicking on lightwave makes the panel vanish.

Also since yesterday I've noticed in modeller that when the "modeller.out " pane comes up, the top (mac) menu bar has two instances of the modeller commands and the "about lightwave" command brings up a dropdown that says "about SOIUX" which when clicked does nothing. It does however make cutting and pasting layers not work when using the keyboard commands. See atatched pictures.

anyone have any Idea's



I'm on a mac A 2.5 Dual G5 with osx 10.3.7

02-02-2005, 08:55 AM
That happens every now and then... I remember getting it with version 6.

It happens when you load an object that have .tif textures. I think that the tiff importer is broken in 8.2.

02-02-2005, 09:29 AM
souix is a Unix command line emulator for os 9.
it was absorbed by Codewarrior and is used by Lightwave to do things that "back in the day" Lightwave needed to do through a command line. for instance, screamernet uses a SOIUX window to display the text output from the renderer (thats right, your looking at SOIUX when you are looking at screamernet). It is a legacy dependance, that Lightwave has. What you are seeing is a result of a crash, and the crash is bad. I would remove all of your config files to a safe place.

removing Lightwave's dependancy on SOIUX means a complete re-write of many of the parts of Lightwave (or mucking around with parts better left undisturbed). Lightwave is moving to XCode. Moving to XCode implies that this work is being done, because SOIUX is not a part of the Xcode experience (we now have an Non-emulated command line, hence the lack of SOIUX). It is possible that moving to Xcode does Not mean they are removing this legacy dependence, but I can't see how that effort is cost effective.

I am an advocate of removing legacy dependence in Lightwave, it has benefits beyond speed, but it is a dicey situation. Lightwave needs to change in order to flourish, but some of those changes will undoubtedly unbalance the magic that Lightwave is known for. Newtek is aware of this, and moving slowly.

02-02-2005, 09:39 AM
SIOUX is a mac programming interface library used for quick and dirty user interfaces. It was probably used to present a rudimentry interface for a plugin, it is likely what is presenting the Modeler.out and Lightwave.out windows.

Edit: that's a scary revelation eblu, I never realized lightwave mac relied on SIOUX to any degree.

02-02-2005, 09:44 AM
Thanks for the replies,

It must be related to .tif files as 8.2 won't have anything to do with em or jpegs and reinstalling 8.01 and sticking my pref backup back in has made everything happy again. Sadly it looks like I'll have to wait for 8.21 (or whatever) till it's fixed. Something this basic shouldn't have slipped through the testers net really now should it!