View Full Version : What is a .out warning?

02-01-2005, 01:57 PM
Hi There everyone,

Since upgrading to 8.2 yesterday one of my scenes and it's associated model is getting a "lightwave.out" and a "modeller.out" warning message when the scene loads up. Even when switching back to 8.01 it still comes up whereas pre 8.2 installation the exact same scene and model with the same images (which I've used before in other scenes) didn't pop up this window, whichis something I've never come across before.
I also have just upgraded my mac os to 10.3.7 (could it be this?) I'll post here as I don't think this is mac specific. Also on quit lightwave asks if I want to save the .out file.

Does anyone know what it is and more importantly how to turn it off as the scene is unaffected by it and clicking on lightwave makes the panel vanish.



I'm on a mac A 2.5 Dual G5 with osx 10.3.7