View Full Version : DVD WS2 CrossFade Problem

01-31-2005, 01:27 PM
I finished a project 18 minutes long, rendered it to RTV for best quality, converted it to MPEG2 in TMPEGEnc using 8000kbs and then put that in DVD WS2.

The first 2 minutes were JPEG images sent by the client that had been in a PowerPoint presentation. He converted them to JPEGs using the "Save as" in PP. Then he emailed them to me. I placed them in order at the beginning of the video and did Ctrl-F to connect them with fade transitions.

After creating the DVD I now play it and find that all of those transitions jump immediately to the middle of the dissolve (you can see both pictures) and then the first fades away normally. When I'm in the Edit mode of DVD WS2, I can hit play and the transitions are normal - it's only when I play the DVD that it isn't correct.

Any clue about this?