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01-29-2005, 08:17 AM
Hi folks! This last week the proud Icelanders on www.3d.is decided to have a little challenge for the week. The challenge was to make a character. The Only rule was that it had to be Nostalgía. Wich means that the character was supposed to be something from your youth..... like for instance a character from "Sesam's Street". Something that made us smile and lough when we were small (like tiny or soo).

Well It's the first character I've ever made, and also the first succesfull Weight mapping and bone setup I've done.

The characters wich I chose to model was "Eggert" (I' don't know what he is called in other countries) Eggert is an EggHead that lives up on a wall (a very tall wall that is). His daily routines involve mostly to watch out, so he won't fall..... couse he breaks so easily :)

It's kinda' stupid I know... but I had a lot of fun with him.

The model is fairly simple. Just a few SubPatches and a nice pair of subpatched shoes, I must say :cool: The wall was done in a hurry, couse of the deadline (yesterday) so I just modeled a simple wall with a top piece on it, and textured it with allready supplied textures from the library.

01-29-2005, 08:35 AM
Very cool. It definatly brought a smile to my face. Eggert, known as Humpty Dumpty to me, really shouldn't be sitting on such tall walls ... they're bad for his health.