View Full Version : Magpie Pro or Mimic For LW 7.5?

01-27-2005, 11:28 AM
For lip syncing and character expressions in LW 7.5, which is better Magpie Pro or DAZ Mimic Pro?

Reading the specs on the net they both seem to be similar in features and capabilities, but Mimic is $100 more. What does Mimic offer for the additional $$?

I'm just getting started in VT4 video post pro & 2D/3D animation. My main software so far consists of VT4 SP1 with LW 7.5, DVDWS2 SE, Mirage 1.2, TMPGEnc Plus 2.5, and PhotoImpact 8. My PC is a dual 2.8 MHz Xeon, 1 GB RAM with Win XP Pro SP2.

Like most folk, I want something that does it all, but at same time is easy to get results, plus, doesn't break the bank! If there's another program out there, please let me know too! Thanks...Mark

01-27-2005, 01:55 PM
I really like mimic, and don't really know Magpie much, so I'll lay out mimic's strengths to me. It works natively in LW, and is fairly non-linear. This is because you can group multiple morphs under one phoneme (with differing strengths for fine tuning) and group phonemes together if you think the morphs are similar (like te and ch for instance) but if you want to you can change those around after the animation is set, and it'll update the morphing accordingly (for example if you decide to add more morphs for more precise phoneme shapes it will sort the final animation out after you've assigned them). It does analysis of your wavs, so you just type in the words being said and it'll automatically match the lipsyncing, as well as adding gestures and expressions if you have those set up. Once it's done that, you can go in and tweak and offset the phonemes/expressions/gestures generated easily, as well as altering their strengths again for fine tuning.

Basically, it does a lot automatically, but is flexible enough to tweak to your heart's content for that personal touch.

01-27-2005, 02:05 PM
everything dodgy said.
speed is also where mimic helps you out alot.

magpie pro is ok if you still like doing things the old manual way.
i havent used the latest version but in comparison between using the two products, mimic was like an immediate breath of fresh air..