View Full Version : Scale all keyframes bug? other?

01-23-2005, 09:27 PM
I was working on an animation. I needed to make it about 25% longer (just a camera move) I opened the classic scene editor and scaled keys for just the camera. It worked fine. However, if I try to adjust any of the camera's keyframes in the scene it effects only that single frame of the animation. Although it looks like there are only the original keyframes of the camera's move, it acts more like there is a keyframe for every frame of the animation, so any new keyframes added or adjusted make the camera "jump" for just that frame) BUT, if I adjust any of the camera's keyframes in the graph editor, or add new keyframes in the graph editor, it redraws the motion path correctly and tweens between the keys accordingly. Am I just doing something stupid here? (I don't have the keyframe set to linear and I'm basically competent about animation so I'm stuck) Any ideas.


Aaron Kent