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01-23-2005, 01:29 PM
I want to start a list of the hardware/software people are using when having problems with modeler points etc.

Please follow this format

1) Type of computer and model number (such as Apple G4 X.mhz)

2) Type of video card, and drivers you are using. Be as exact as you can an ATI 9800SE 128 is not the same as a ATI 9800SE 128 with diffrent RAM at a diffrent speed. Find which Drivers you are using and write it down- this is almost MORE important. What visual effects do you have activated on your card? AA? etc.

3) What OS are you using, and which updates have you applied. What OS visual effects do you have turned on if any?

So for me it would be (though I have no problems)
__________________________________________________ ________________
1) Dell 8200 Rev. B 1.79Ghz with 768MB RDRAM 800

2) Nvidia GeForece MX 64MB with Driver Version with window resize excelleration enabled, no dislpay AA. 1280x1024 running in 32bit color.

3) Windows SP Home version 2002 Service Pack 1. No enhanced windows Visual effects enabled.

__________________________________________________ ________________

Maybe if we all start doing this we can narrow things down a bit and get help NewTek to get this fixed sooner. If we see a trend I'm going to make a poll based on a few cards/drivers so that we have a quick graphical reference.

01-23-2005, 04:05 PM
Modeler: selected points bug...

Apple G4 2X 1,25Ghz quicksilver

Ati radeon 9000 64 mb (OEM)

Os X 10,37 driver ati 1,3,36