View Full Version : LW 8.2 & BodyPaint or DeepPaint issues?

01-22-2005, 11:51 AM
Hi, this is a few questions listed in one thread. I have also posted this in Spinquad, so I'm sorry if you have already seen it. Here goes:

I am debating getting one of these apps and am wondering if there are any issues with these and LW 8.2 since there seems to be issues with some other plug-ins and 8.2.

I own a very old version of DeepPaint 3D 1.2 and Texture Weapons. Today this combo is known as DeepPaint 3D and Deep UV. I can upgrade to the newest versions of DP3D and Deep UV for $375 which is a very good deal.

BodyPaint seems to be a great choice though and there is becoming a great deal of training material available like from Kurv studios.

I am torn as to which to get. Deep Paint is good because of my upgrade price, but BodyPaint seems good becasue of the available training material.

I know that there is some kind of competetive upgrade from Maxon that the Maxon store on the site says you can use for BodyPaint by owning a competetive product, When I try to enter info like it says so I can find out what the discount price is, I have had no luck. IT still says $795.00. If the discount is decent, this could also help my decision and sway me to go the BodyPaint route.

Does anybody know the competetive upgrade price?

One last thing. Has anybody here used a LW, Zbrush, Bodypaint pipeline? If so, how is it?


01-23-2005, 09:34 AM
I would be very careful about investing into Deep Paint 3d, the development of which has been delayed for some time now seemingly for other more lucrative pursuits - it would seem that their business model is changing significantly.

My money is on BP2 as far as continued support and development. I use and enjoy BP2 and it works well with LW 8.2 from my preliminary tests.

Although, most of my displacement tests have been done primarily in messiah:studio and ZB2, I have also tested ZB2 with LW 8.x with the requisite plugins by Mathias Wein and seems to work well.


http://www.3ddmd.com/images/Messiah/Zombie200.jpg (http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=160345)

I remember the pricing for BP was more in the $595 range a couple years ago, but it would seem that they've increased their pricing quite a bit now - probably b/c they view themselves as the only "viable" major player at this time. In any case, SafeHarbor is having a sale until the end of the month (Jan 31 2005) for $695, if that helps any.


Oh, I have the BP2 Training CD from Kurv - Robin is not only a great artist but has a great sense of humour, very dry in a brit sort of way. Although the first volume was a bit basic for me, I did pick up a few pearls. I'm riding him hard to complete the other two volumes. :)