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01-22-2005, 09:26 AM

More samples here


01-22-2005, 09:42 AM
Wow! What an outstanding effect, William. That should be a very interesting short you are putting together.


01-22-2005, 09:51 AM

I'm quite excited about it myself. I'll work up a step by step demo of it and get it out soon...glad you like it.

01-22-2005, 09:58 AM
Looking very Nice :D

01-22-2005, 11:31 AM
that looks awesome, please make a tutorial

01-22-2005, 12:58 PM
That's really cool.
I'd love to know how you did that.
I'd say more, but I have an overwhelming urge to go watch "Tron" on laserdisc.

01-23-2005, 09:12 AM
demo videos posted...enjoy:


01-23-2005, 10:32 AM
"TRON" is the first thing I thought of also, very cool technique.


01-23-2005, 03:11 PM
Looks great as usual Proton, the walk cycle clip made me laugh though, looks like she's sitting down while walking! :)

01-23-2005, 03:12 PM
Whoops, I assume it's a "he" based on the thread title, but it looked the character in the walk cycle had boobies. Hmmmm, maybe they're just man-boobs. :)

01-24-2005, 08:58 PM
Wow... I have no clue. Looks like a nice method... proTRON.

01-25-2005, 10:24 AM
here I tried the select loop > CTRL-P > poly to SAS chain
And select loop > copy points to new layer > points to polys

Now trying copy points to new layer > points to lights
and points to HVs
Tho on the points because the distance between points no matter how far or close, it seems to want to put the same amount of points between the base points selected.

So when I select the geometry around lips there is like 10 points between the base points selected (after freezing) and the same number at the top and back of head between base points as seen in pic.

Is there a way to control the amount of freezing?

So if there is 10mm between points selected on one section of loop and there are 100mm between points in another part of the loop, then the same amount of points (or the same spacing between points) is put when doing a freeze,

So that no two points are closer than the closest when picking the loop, after freezing?

01-25-2005, 10:29 AM
As you can see in pic, some line carry many many points and some not.
I know you can control density of freeze in options panel but that would set the standard for ALL sections globally, which would still leave sparcly populated points where geometry was light to begin with.

This would open up some very interesting possabilities if the point population could be managed.

01-25-2005, 12:05 PM
Very interesting technique! I have just the use for it as well...!!! This will come in quite handy. Doumo arigatou Puroton-san!


01-26-2005, 04:04 AM
OK I found a way to set points to equal distances, was with plugin
it lets user set the amount they want

So I selected 2 points (careful where selected as it will end up as end of chain)
do a select loop
hit CTRL-P
cut and paste to a new layer
run the plug in

in video I set it to 33

First is as Protons test
Second is with the polys 'cut' <K> and points to polys plugin run on it
third is just cutting the polys and leaving points.

I DID try one with the points to lights plugin and made a setup out of lights
but after a few hours of trying and looking for a plugin that would do it, I found no way to globally set all lights to same setting unless I went in to each light and manually did it.

Spreadsheet had the way but wouldn't HOLD the settings and kept getting error 'Unknown command flare intensity', tho I didn't get that when setting manualy.
Flare intensity listed in the Scene editor is N/A
so it didn't work there either

When working with the HV (bottom lines), there seems to be a minimum size that it will work on, and I had to increase size of object to get minimum HVs, to fit the line shape.
There seems to be some interesting possabilities with the latter 2 in conjunction with the glow lines, and I really would like to do the lights, but a full model would have hundreds and unless the global is fixed in either spreadsheet or Scene editor so volumetric lights can be applied to all at once, it is too time consuming to do every light individually.