View Full Version : Slow down

01-21-2005, 09:12 PM
I have found that the new subpatch uv system slows down the responsiveness a great deal, this happens wilst edditing a high poly model. before I woiuld just hide and work on a small area and that would give me a preformance boost, but not with subpatched uvs.

I don't enen get a preformance boost even when I have all but 4 polys visable.

my question is when creating 8.2 were you writting the enhancements for newer video cards ie cards that suport the latest direct x, becase my card is nvidia fx5200.

also do you have any advise on how I can solve this, besides turrning off subpatch uvs.

would you recomend buying a new video card, if so what do you recomend. The things that I like to model are high poly model characters.